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Wizard Rifle Wizard Rifle LP 2019
Wizard Rifle Wizard Rifle 2019
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Wizard Rifle emerged from the metal groundswell of Portland Oregon in 2009 bent on annihilating the complacency of genre pigeonholes and throwback tropes. Their elusive sound contorts and leaps from sludgy and psychedelic, to thrash, noise and beyond, accented by vocal harmonies and shouts. On first listen, many scoff at the possibility that such a cacophony could be produced by just two band members, but seeing is believing the force that is Wizard Rifle, and skeptics become Kool-Aid guzzling disciples before the altar. Are you next? Teaming with Nanotear Booking, Guitarist/Vocalist Max Dameron and Drummer/Vocalist Sam Ford have delivered frenzied live shows extensively across the US and Canada including appearances at SXSW, Psycho Las Vegas, Sabertooth, Hopscotch, Crucial Fest, and Musicfest NW. They have shared bills with the likes of The Melvins, High On Fire, YOB, Lightning Bolt, Nick Turner’s Hawkwind, Danava, and SubRosa, and hit the road with Bongzilla, Buzzov*en, Black Cobra and Church of Misery to name a few. Their two full length releases, 2014’s “Here in the Deadlights” and 2012’s “Speak Loud Say Nothing” have drawn great praise and kept critics and fans on their toes. Their upcoming self-titled LP, due out this summer via Svart, pushes the boundaries even further with the aid of metal mix guru Billy Anderson at the helm of the studio. Do not miss them as they sweep the country this fall, or your friends will never let you forget that you royally fucked up.

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