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Cats Of Transnistria Aligning LP 2019
Cats Of Transnistria Aligning 2019
  1. Kappaleet

  2. 1. Mountain High
  3. 2. Vampire
  4. 3. Born Again
  5. 4. The Light
  6. 5. Wild Herbs
  7. 6. Aligning

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Aligning - offers their signature sound of slowly building ethereal music with an evolved variety of styles and composition. The album was recorded by Nick Triani & Tuomas Alatalo in the summer of 2019 at Pihastudio, Helsinki and mixed by Tuomas, who's experimental sound design is an essential part of the record.There are multiple layers of sound creating immersive worlds. Although the music is slow and soft, they also like the sound to be sometimes rough, sharp and stained on the edges. All the scratches and screeches can often be as important and interesting as the chords, riffs and melodies. There is no beauty without dirt.The recording sessions were brief, only a couple of days. It’s always hard to get in the right mood when recording but this time they got there a lot easier. Sanna Komi recorded the violins by herself afterwards.The lyrics by Henna Hietamäki are dancing around natural spirituality and seek healing in this apocalyptic age.

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