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The Zomo HD-500 Headphone is offering professional qualitiy for small budget. The Zomo HD-500 in black is a professionall and high quality Stereo Headphone with a cool design. Annoying ambient sound are faded out by the closed construction to ensure a clear and original sound. With an solid and lightweight struktur the Zomo HD-500 Headphones can easily stand any club performance without being uncomfortable., The spiral cord is equiped with an solid plug and adapter (3,5mm to 6,35mm). Despites the lite weight and small caliber of the phones, the HD-500 generates an enormous pressure and great sound quality. The multi-arangeable head brackets and the rotatable phone are giving you a great feeling wearing this Headphones., You wound find any other Headphone compareable to the HD-500 at this price range., Features Zomo HD-500, Professional DJ-Headphone, Great sound quality, Excellent comfort, high quality product, extremely favourable price/performance ratio, Technical Data, Cable: spiral cord, 3 meters, Frequency range: 20 - 20000 Hz, Max. pressure: 99 dB, Weight: 160 gramm, Headphone output: 1x 3.5 jack, 1x 6.3 Jack (with adapter), Cable length: 3.0 m, Application area: DJ, Construction Type: On-Ear, System: Closed, Connection Mode: Cable, Rotatable auricle?: Yes,


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